Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is my cousin, Don Crow, and his dog, Ladybug. Don and Ladybug live in Tucson, AZ.

We always have to give Don a call to get directions from I-10. We can get close to the right exit but then we can never remember how to get down to his neighborhood. So, when he knows we are coming, I’m sure he has his phone ready to answer because he knows we are going to call him saying, “Don, we are lost. How do we get to you from where we are?” He just laughs and I give the phone to Ken.

As we visited with Don sharing stories about our winter travels, we got to show him some of our travel photos on his computer. He had been to most of the locations that we had been to but we got to hear his interesting stories, as well. He saw that I had gone on a hike in Borrego Springs, CA, to see where the Indians had ground grain on top of big boulders. So, he gave me a stone that he had gotten on one of his trips that was actually used by the Indians to grind the grain. Thank you so much, Don, I will always treasure it.

Don also told us that he was writing his own personal memoirs. Way to go, Don! We asked for a copy when he was ready to share and encouraged him to keep it going. We had told Don that we wanted to take him out to eat. So, he picked a nice steak restaurant not far from his home. The food was really good and we all really enjoyed it. But, Don wouldn’t let us pay for the meal. He did make us a promise that next time he would let us pay. We love you Don.

Thanks again, Don! We enjoyed it very much and we will see you next time we are through Tucson.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Two great treasures in life, family and friends. Family is the heirloom to cherish, friends are the exciting new adventures, and we all need both! It was nice to meet your cousin a little bit.