Tuesday, May 5, 2009




Our AT&T phones did not work in Tonto National Forest. We had to drive into Phoenix for Ken to get a phone connection to communicate with his work contacts. This made getting his work completed in a timely manner a little difficult. So, we decided to relocate to the Escapee Park in Casa Grande, AZ.

Saturday, February 21st, we met back up with Sam and Carolyn Kidd in Mesa, so that Carolyn and I could attend the Fountain Head Crafts Fair in Scottsdale, AZ. Ken and Sam did their guy stuff in Mesa. Carolyn and I had a blast at the crafts fair. Lots of vendors with neat merchandise and good food booths but it was hot!


On the 22nd of February, Ken talked me into driving up to Flagstaff, and Sadona, AZ. I don’t normally like long day trips. But this trip had its good points. We did have lunch at a neat little sandwich place in Sadona, which had tables out back behind the shop in a small garden area that was very beautiful and quaint. Then, we drove through Sadona. It was so picturesque that I kept making Ken pull over so that I could take a picture.


The 24th of February, we drove into Phoenix and went to the Ikea store. It was amazing! For those that don't know, this is a Swedish owned store known for their design and quality on furniture and home décor items. Their slogan is: “Work a little. Save a lot.” They choose manufacturers who can deliver quality at a low price and then they buy in bulk. Then they save on transportation and storage by packaging things flat. Then the customer picks up the furniture or items and takes them home and assembles them. This store (more like a big warehouse) in Phoenix had two floors where you could choose, compare and test all the things in the showroom before you decide to purchase the item. I loved this store! I think the closest store to my home, Bella Vista, AR, is probably Dallas, TX. So, I’m going to have to make sure our next trip through Texas takes us through Dallas, so I can check out that store.

Saturday, May 2, 2009



Whenever we are in the Phoenix area, we always contact our good friends the Martirossians and arrange a time to visit them. Ken and Raz used to work together at Citgo Petroleum Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for more years than either one of them would probably want to admit. But, they forged a great friendship and throughout the years have kept in contact with each other and from time to time they call each other just to keep up with what’s going on with the other one and their families. And when we meet, it’s like we are all family. So, we got to spend Sunday afternoon with Raz, Stella, Garren and Tallin. Garineh, their eldest daughter was away at college and we missed seeing her but hope to see her on our next trip.
It was so good to see Raz and Stella and the family. We could not believe how grown-up their children were: Garren is now 21 years old and their youngest daughter, Tallin is now 19. Their eldest daughter, Garineh, is now 26 years old and has a fiancée, named Chris. We are so proud of all the Martirossian children! They have always treated their parents with respect and are so well mannered but they have also known education was very important. This year, Garineh will have completed all her educational requirements and will become an Optometrist. Way to go Garineh!

Also, we got to meet the family dog, Goldie, and two of their cats: Pishy and Coco. They said the third cat, Shiba, was probably in its favorite sleeping/hiding spot up on the roof.

We got a tour of the Martirossian’s new home which was gorgeous. Stella had her home beautifully decorated and Raz had done some beautiful interior remodeling. (Raz, now we know you’ve got potential for a second job-Ha! You did a very nice job.)

All of us sat around talking, laughing and eating while enjoying hearing stories that Ken and Raz told on each other when they worked together. We all laughed so much you would have thought we were all crazy. Raz and Stella, as always, made us fell so welcome and Stella had plates of fresh fruit and the best homemade Armenian pastries that Ken and I couldn’t quit eating, but we knew they were taking us out to dinner and we knew we better quit but it was just too good. You know, it’s really hard laughing so much on a full stomach but we did and it hurt.
Anyway, with some restraint, after a few more stories and good memories, we left for the restaurant, the Black Angus. It was very good. I can’t believe we ate again but we did. Raz and Stella’s son, Garren, went with us. Their beautiful daughter, Tallin, had a friend over and she was also on a diet so she stayed home.

On one of our visits many years ago, I can remember Garren making me and his Father a cup of Armenian coffee and he was very young. That was one of his favorite things to do. I can remember the coffee is very strong and it’s served in very small china cups. I remember Garren did an excellent job. Well, after our dinner at the Black Angus, we went back to Raz and Stella's home, Garren asked if I wanted a cup of coffee and I had to pass but he fixed his Father a cup. It brought back good memories. What a nice young man!

Here is a nice pic of the guys together:

Thank you Martirossian family for your hospitality and for dinner. We enjoyed our visit. It was great! See you next winter unless you come to OK or AR before then-HA.