Thursday, February 26, 2009


It was a week or so before Christmas and we were still at Benson, AZ., when Sam and Carolyn Kidd asked us to go ghost towning with them. We drove out East on I-10 Highway to Exit 331 and then took US Highway 191 through Sursites, Pearce and over to the ghost town of Gleeson, AZ where we found Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks.

Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks is owned by John and Sandy Weber and is open every day from dawn to dusk. It is located at 10630 North Double U Ranch Road, Gleeson, AZ.

Over 150 rattlesnake items are for sale in the Weber’s vintage trailer which is surrounded by an acre of over 5,000 primitive and western collectibles on display. Many of these relics were found in or near the ghost town of Gleeson.

They say that nearly every part of the rattlesnake is used in making the crafts including the vertebrae, ribs, fangs, skin and rattles. Even the meat is made into jerky.

After our rattlesnake exhibits, we were starting to get hungry so we headed to Tombstone where we ate lunch and shopped until we got cold and decided it was time to head back to Benson.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Welcome back, Vicki, and Ken too!

We haven't yet been to Gleeson, and we gotta go there now!

We are looking forward to more Kings on the Road, and enjoyed this one very much.

One small suggestion, if I may -- if you reduce the size of your pictures when you upload them, we'll be able to see the entire picture at once, rather than having to scroll up and down, left and right.

It has taken us nearly a year on our blog, and we are still learning new and better ways to do it.

We enjoyed seeing you guys, if only fleetingly, at the Gypsy Journal Rally. We were so darn busy at our selling table, we didn't have time for any socializing at all.

Where will you take us next on your blog?

Kings on the Road said...

Jerry & Suzy-You are right! Ken had to show me how to resize my pics and I have resized them on my next blog. Thanks for the input. Keep up the good work because I want it to look good-like yours!

I know. You guys were really busy but you guys looked like you were having fun. We were too. Well, at least when Ken got to feeling better.

Yes, we will keep you posted.