Friday, February 27, 2009


Christmas Eve was a blast! There was a brown bag gift exchange at the clubhouse with lots of food, drinks and laughs. Participants were to bring appetizers and a $10.00 item wrapped or put in a brown paper bag with a label of M=Male, F=Female or U=Universal. We call this Dirty Santa back home. Anyway, once the item is taken for the third time it’s found its final home. Here are some of our favorite pics:

Stella dyed her hair with red food coloring just for this special night! She was the "gift caller". What a gal! Here is another pic:

Christmas came into Benson with snow flying and the wind howling. It was really cold! I think it was warmer back home in Bella Vista, AR than it was here. But it didn’t keep the festivities from commencing in the clubhouse as we had a 10:00 A.M. table decoration planned and then our Christmas Dinner started at 2:00 P.M.

Everything came together as planned and our table was decorated beautifully.

And then at dinner, everyone brought tasty covered dishes and our turkey was so good and it was hand carved at the table by our host. Our host and hostess did an excellent job

After eating, we all visited and enjoyed being with each other.


Everyone brought their leftovers from our Christmas Dinner. The turkey was so good that very little was left for leftovers but what was left our hostess combined with the stuffing and it made a great dish. Thanks again to our hostess for being such a great cook. I know everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. After eating, we all visited for a while and then helped cleanup.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Now you've got the rhythm going for your blog. Good job, good pictures, good story telling. We did our own Christmas thing instead of the park's gathering (as you know) and we are glad you had a good time with the gang.

Keep up the blog - where will you be next time?