Tuesday, March 31, 2009




Our good friends and next door neighbors, Hank and Edna Braker, drove out from Bella Vista, AR, to visit us. We met up with them in Tucson, AZ.

Hank and Edna stayed at a hotel right off of I-10. Let’s just say they were not impressed with their room. And it wasn’t the best hotel but one of the only places they could find.

We camped at the Cactus Country RV Resort on Hougton Road. Little did any of us know that one of the largest Gem Shows in the world was being held in Tucson the same weekend we were there. Lucky us!

Well, Edna and I thought we were lucky once we started shopping. I don’t think Ken and Hank thought so. Ha.


The day started with us shopping at one of the Gem Show buildings. Edna bought a beautiful paperweight at a very good price. She knows how to talk with those sellers. I bought some beautiful African beads for beading into some of my bracelets and necklaces.

After we stopped for lunch we had to take Hank and Edna to a Trader Joe’s for a few grocery items. They loved Trader Joe's.

Later, it was back to the hotel for a game of Mexican Train.



Hank and Edna picked us up and we drove through Saguaro West National Park.

A saguaro's growth is very slow. By the end of a year the saguaro may measure only 1/4 of an inch. After 15 years, barely a foot tall. At 30 years saguaros begin to flower and produce fruit. By 50 years they can be as tall as 7 feet. Somewhere around 75 years old it may sprout its first branch, or "arm".

It was amazing to see how old some of the these "green giants" where. We started counting the arms but gave up after a short time.

After Saguaro National Park, we went to Sabino Canyon. I think Edna fell in love with every rock she saw there.

We all enjoyed our time together. It just wasn’t long enough.

We had to say goodbye to Hank and Edna because they had family to see the next day in Phoenix. See you guys when we get home.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

We missed Sabino Canyon but did get to the eastern half of Saguaro National Park. Since we had to skip Sabino, do you have pictures to share on a webalbum?